This week’s lecture was called “The Book Reopened on Infectious Diseases” by David Ojcius. The main focus of this lecture is different types infectious diseases, including vaccines and pathogens.

I found this lecture interesting because I am very interested in learning about diseases. An interesting fact that Ojcius brought up was that in the old days, before vaccines, half of all children would die before they became  teenager due to infectious diseases. Today, antibiotics are used to prevent premature deaths due to infectious diseases. The use of a vaccine created from a plant eradicated smallpox in 1979. After the eradication of small pox, other eradication campaigns started against other diseases. But, people started becoming very optimistic. The leading causes of death in humans are infectious diseases, such as malaria and tuberculosis.

Ojcius mentioned that infectious diseases increases the risk of chronic diseases, such as autoimmune disease, heart disease, and cancer. It is frightening knowing that getting in infectious disease will increase your risk of getting cancer.

One fact that was brought up was a bit scary. Ojcius informed us that antibiotic resistance started becoming a problem within the last 20 years. Antibiotics have been abused within the past several decades; they were prescribed when they were not even needed. When antibiotics are used when they are not needed, the body selects bacteria that are already resistant. Antibiotic resistance occurs when strains of bacteria in the human body becomes resistance to the antibiotics as a result of improper use and abuse of antibiotics. Do you believe that all humans will eventually be resistant to antibiotics due to abuse?