I use to think that mathematics was only useful in the field of business or architecture, but after attending the lecture”How Computational Mathematics Will Save the World,” given by Juan Meza, the Dean of Natural Sciences, it had come to my realization that math plays an important part in the field of science.

Even though I enjoy math, I often ask myself “How will this help me in life? When will I ever need to know how to do this?” I guess these questions were answered in this Core lecture. This lecture had brought to attention the mathematics behind technological advancements. Without the use of math, we wouldn’t have the technological advancements we have today, such as cellphones and laptops. Our cellphones today have computing speed, storage space, etc. Without the use of math, it would not even be possible for us to create these resources our devices have. There are so many uses of mathematics in our world today. As humans, we are constantly using math, whether we are telling time, making purchases, or counting calories.

Meza discussed how the use of mathematics may help save the world by increasing combustion efficiency to ultimately reduce green house gases. Do you believe that the use of mathematics can save the world? Do you believe that it is possible for us to have all the technological advancements we have today without the use of mathematics?