Core Lecture this week was called “California Water Wars” by Martha Conklin. Although water is very important to Earth, Conklin thinks that water is undervalued. Water is needed for energy, food, and environment flow. A slide on this lecture showed that a resident in Merced uses about 3 times as much water as a resident in LA. Why might this be? Is it a result of the environment in Merced?

Snow peaks are now higher than they use to be and melts sooner. When the snow melts, that’s when the river peaks occur. Sierra Nevada accounts for almost 70% of the snow contributions of annual precipitation. Because of dry winters, many birds are now dying. Climate change plays a huge role in water flow, which affects our planet.

An arcticle called “Tainted water flows from taps of rural Valley homes” by Mark Grossi which dicusses how tap water is “tainted from rotting vegetation, fertilizers, manure, septic tanks and decrepit plumbing.” The water from the tap often contains a chemical “linked to a potentially lethal infant illness as well as cancer,” called nitrates. Many people in California do not drink tap water because of all the contaminants it contains, instead, people spend about 10% of their income buying clean water. This is a huge problem because families with very low incomes may not have enough money to keep buying water and may be forced to turn to drinking tap water.

According to this article, “nitrates in the ground water have long been a concern in places where agriculture has been practiced for many decades…” If this has been a  on going problem for decades, why hasn’t the government done anything about this yet? What actions may be taken in order to clean up this water?

Since the Earth only has a limited supply of water, do you think that there will be a war over water in the future?